Go Portland, being ironic enough to merit its very own new show from an SNL alum.

"Portland is a city where young people go to retire" Let' meet this winners:

Pretty sure this show is gonna be great.

Oddly enough, growing up just 3 hours north of this soon-to-be iconic city, I didn't ever spend much time there. But fate intervened by staging a food processors conference there last week (nothing says a hoot like food processors, right?). I met up with a friend from Seattle, a good friend of an ex-boyfriend, who, in an odd turn of events, was temporary roommates with a good friend of the subsequent ex-boyfriend, and stayed at my sister-in-law's grandparent's house, who, in an and even more odd turn of events, live in the same neighborhood as the next ex-boyfriend after that. Go figure. This is my life. Rest assured, no ex-boyfriends were contacted during the trip.

I spent the weekend prior to the conference trouncing around downtown, poring over Powell's extensive collection, and eating well beyond my heart's (and stomach's) content. In fact, since the only thing I keep really coming back to when people ask about the city is the food, I figure I might as well immortalize each dish.

Habibi (Lebanese) - Artichoke Heart and Pork Shwarma casserole, with pita. Seriously drool-worthy, every bite.
Henry's Tavern - Okay, no food here, but good, cheap pool, and lots of men.
Street carts (Thai) - khaw khaa muu - life changing. Took me back to Thailand. Worth a three hour trip just to get back to this tender pork, sweet hard-boiled egg, and pickled something. DREAM COME TRUE.
Fire on the Mountain (hot wings) - They've got 16 different sauces. And tots to die for. Deeeelissh.
Voodoo doughnut - A Portland visit is apparently incomplete without it. I skipped maple bar n bacon and some of the more creatively named donuts for a butterfinger-topped ring. Yum.
Southpark Wine Bar - I don't think I'll ever be able to eat crab cakes again. Nothing will ever compete.
3 Doors Down Cafe - homemade pasta in a shape I've never seen before. Fancy schmancy and worth the price in cash and tummy damage (pasta and I don't usually agree).

I wish I got pictures of each dish. Seriously. Maybe I've got a foodie deep down that's just screaming to get out.

Portland, oh Portland, you know I'll be back.


Jodi Pitchforth said...

you should "be back" in portland this summer...when i'm there...

Brooke Henderson said...

Bah, watch the chicken clip on hulu...so funny