Fighting Entropy

Entropy – a measure of disorder; the higher the entropy the greater the disorder

I'm looking around my bedroom now, somehow surprised by the disaster of space. It's as if my closet has revolted against me, along with drawers and shelves, and all are refusing to keep my things in order. Or maybe I'm just a lazy bum. How does it get like this? I swear I hang up my shirts at the end of the day and put my shoes and laundry in their proper homes. When that falls behind, I swear I Mary Poppins it up, tidying in the high-speed, spoonful of sugar kind of way. But still, this. Chaos.

The Law of Entropy has way more to do with life than with thermodynamics. No matter how much energy is exerted to keep order, disorder inevitably follows. Not to be a cosmic pessimist, but don't you ever just wish there was a pause button?

It's why my room isn't clean, my hair has a rat's nest of tangles no less than 4 hours after I brush it smooth, my purse is filled to the brim with odds and ends (when did this staple remover get here anyway?). It's why I'm always just catching up with my body's incessant call for another shower, shave, and bowel movement. It's why even after the good and clean I feel after taking the sacrament on Sunday, by Saturday next, I'm due for a repeat.

I'm fighting entropy at work, to keep food donors from succumbing to the much easier route of dumping their food product. I'm due for an oil change; my glasses are broken, my toenail polish is chipped all but the big toe. The sun is burning "out", the US economy and position as world superpower is deteriorating, people are becoming less intelligent, moral, and motivated. Blah blah blah, the downward escalator keeps moving, right?



Just sayin'.

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Tom and Heather said...

...and I am exhausted! You reminded me that my toenails really need some attention. Another thing on the to-do list. When you find that pause button, tell me!