Mister Blue Sky

This morning I woke to bright blue skies. I lazily ignored my impulse to seize the day and fill the precious hours of brightness with a hike, bike ride, or finagling a rowboat and lake launch site. Instead, I set up shop on the patio porch and soaked in the Vitamin D, just waiting for seratonin to kick in (seratonin = serum + tonic, i.e. happy juice). I lay like the family lab, curled up with a stack of books, my phone and laptop within arms reach. The sun hit my knees, shoulder, and best of all, my cheek, temple and right eye, warming not just the surface of my skin but deep into my brain, an area that rarely receives such warmth. When my brain begins to boil, I move to the shade, and let just my feet enjoy the sun bath. The happy juice has kicked in and I'm pulled together again. My stuffy nose is drying, I have forgotten about 33,000 pounds of rotten onions, delayed apples, and social fatigue. I just need to calm down already. Just a taste and I can handle a few more days of rain.

As long as I have ELO's sweet 'do and shades in my life

Or a little moving on music

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