The coast, the beach, the shore. [April]

I secretly want to work for It's Just Lunch, that personal dating service that is always advertised in in-flight magazines. I believe in low pressure social introductions engineered by a thoughtful and unbiased third party who has a knack for knowing who will get along.  Let's just say I had some inspiration and though it has not yet bloomed into romance, a friendship has been formed, and who knows!

And I went to the Oregon Coast.  I can't say it enough: I love a white sky against white crashing waves.  Little kids who are somehow not too freezing to enjoy the waves makes it better.  Bonfire on the beach is also a plus, even if there is sand in my roasted corn on the cob and the potatoes in my tinfoil dinner are always just a little underdone.

Tilamook factory was not underwhelming, necessarily, but I've been on some way cooler food manufacturing tours. Several of my food donors could make a buck if they would just build observation windows and sell their off-product on-site.  Ice cream and cheese may be more exciting than soup or potatoes, sure, but I'm telling you, if they built it, people would come.

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