Wedding Showers [Feb and March]

There are three things I think any shower should be: classy, comfortable, and intimate.  They should also have at least a little sass to them, of course. Not too over-the-top, but really if you dont blush at least a little, you're missing the point!  Somehow, I scored multiple showers, all of them just how I wanted.

First was my mom shower.  My moms friends are so classy.  I wore a dress pretty much on accident, and good thing- Nancy's house had a million candles, a full meal (heart shaped chicken pot pie with sides) and women mostly dressed in skirts and khakis. The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. There was a moment or more when I looked around the room and really realized that these women are my village. They were my church leaders, examples, and inspirations. As a special token, all the women signed my temple slip with white pen- this way they would always be with me. 

Second up was my Utah shower, hosted by Katie, who I feel increasing amount of tenderness for as I age. There's something about having 20+ years of history with someone that just makes them more special.  You don't have to explain yourself or watch your words, you can just be and they get it.  Katie just gets it.  Katie is also thankfully not the penis and pink kind of shower host, (she was raised goiong to the same classy showers as was) so we settled on a bed and bath theme and she decorated accordingly (my favorite: a little pink bathtub filled with marshmallows as bubbles that held the silverware. Decorative, functional, with the extra bonus of a sugar buzz during cleanup). Katie made bbq chicken sandwiches (even though she can hardly handle blood and meat-how's that for dedication) and Raelle, ever the bakerista (surely that's a word by now, at least in some chick-lit book), brought cupcakes with diamond rings in them.

I loved being able to celebrate with my friends and family in Utah. Most of them were not going to make it up to the wedding in Seattle so this was their chance to wish me well and my chance to see them all in one place. Killed some 15 birds with that stone.  I love those stones.

Lastly was my local friend shower, a bachelorette party than anything, which was hosted by my seriously awesome final roommates, in the front room of our awesome house.  Thankfully still no penis-wear, but plenty of kick for a room full of mostly virgins.  Saucier than elementary school mad-libs and a vastly higher ratio of unmentionables and other supplies helped.

My co-workers also threw me a quasi-lunch shower, at the only cute cafe within eating distance of our office.  Some old coworkers made special appearances and the girls chipped in to get me a backpacking pack! It's the only gift I registered for that I really wanted but was sure I wouldn't get.  Not to much sassiness at this party, but Julie did order a beer in the middle of the work day...

In summary:

Check, check, check, and check.  What else could a girl ask for?

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