Being a cheapskate doesn't always win

When we walked out the door to head to the ferry yesterday morning I thought to myself "you should take a taxi."

"Taxis are for pansies," I countered in my head, something I do often. "People who have no interest in Reallly seeing a city. And deep pockets."

Argument over. I'm a masochist.

3 hours, a missed ferry,
3 bus rides, and a full loop and a half around both the shady (3 very firm and abrupt warnings from strangers to change directions and be careful) not so shady ports, we were able to reschedule for evening, book a place in Uruguay for the night (onward plans thwarted by late arrival) and breath again.

The high speed ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia was otherwise a breeze. Open ocean outside AND the open ocean episode of Planet Earth on the big screen inside? Yes, please!

A sunset on the other side doesn't hurt either.

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