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What, are we even on this trip? Funny how my first 5 days I blogged 4 times. Now I'm all sorts of back-logged. Blame it on bad internet or faulty Apple-Google interaction. But really, I should probably blame it on my Mother-in-Law, Trish.

She's just too much fun. And because she flies free, we got to enjoy her company twice in Brazil, once in Salvador and again in the South. In both places, we drove (in a car!), we ate (street food for her first time!) we laughed (at Porter, quite a bit). I have the greatest mother-in-law there is. It makes it tough to have time to blog.

My favorite things about her?

*She's up for adventure. Two trips to South America in a month is nothing. She's been just near everywhere and isn't sick of going yet. Whether it's a cruise around a continent, moving to San Antonio on a (romantic) whim 35 years ago, or digging up dinosaur bones in Eastern WA (for she and Jeff's anniversary last year, how cute is that), she drums up fun adventure anywhere.

*She's a doer. Flight nurse in the Navy, MBA, owned a travel agency (back when people used them), neo-natal nurse. No need to review her full résumé but I'm constantly learning and impressed by her interest and ability to take on a challenge and get 'er done.

*She is secretly really crafty. She'd never brag about it but she's got a knack for scrap booking and baking and gardening (that's in the crafty category, right?)

*She's a hoot. Really funny, and silly (especially around her girlfriends. I'm secretly trying to get myself invited to one of their girls' weekends). I stayed with she and Jeff in Canada and they are a hoot together too. Jeff came down for the last few days for Iguazu. They're a fun couple to play with.

*She's a babe. Fitter than I am (I'm not even kidding) with a good sense for when to whip out the curling iron and lipstick and when is a hat day.

*She raised my Porter man, pretty much all alone (Porter's dad died when he was young) and she did a phenomenal job. So many wonderful things he is, he is because of her.

Like I said, best mother-in-law around.


Zoe said...

I'm overwhelmed! Thank you - you're the best DIL ever and Porter is a very lucky man to have you in his life (as are we).
Brasil was a blast!

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