Bend x2

I was in Bend, Oregon last Memorial Day weekend and by my memory it was sunny. Windy, but sunny. We hipstered it up, wandered around rocks and quaint, historic-looking downtown. This year, I'm gonna just say this, it was cold. First night: cold. Second night: sleet. Third night: stayed with Dave because indoors is where you're supposed to be when it's cold outside. 

Caves are also good. Lava caves. The entire Bend area is basically an old caldera with an extinct volcano and lots of volcano sites. This lava cave, where a lava flow once ran and left a mile+ long hole, was renting propane lamps for five bucks a pop but we figured our headlamps would do. And by ours I mean Trent's and Maria's because I couldn't find mine. This lava cave was a mile long and flat enough that we only regretted not renting the propane lamps a few times after slight stumbles (mostly me, the one borrowing light). I'm all sorts of claustrophobic, so it's good that the cave didn't really feel enclosed until the very end, where we had an impromptu harmonica jam session. And by we, I mean Trent because he plays the harmonica and I don't. The cave continued past a 'Please don't keep going sign' put up, I'm sure, because people have died in there. That's what happens in enclosed spaces a mile from fresh air. It's one sign I'm happy to oblige. 
Into the dark
The end of the cave
Cold air
Harmonica in the dark
We also spent some time ambling around an old obsidian flow, which was geologically pretty rad. HUGE shards of obsidian were everywhere, some melded with the also ample pumice stones. Winding paths and a huge ravine made a pumice shot-put throw inevitable:

It also snowed here:
So much for sunshine.
When we did have sunshine, we happened upon a 3 day archery competition. I've never seen so much camo-printed gear in my life. Camo shirts and pants and onesies and scarves and shoes and things that just shouldn't have camouflage print on them. The competitors were out in the woods playing out the game that didn't make much sense to me, but I know included bows, arrows, and targets in the woods. 

Back at base camp, there were plenty to try out, which I did, looking awesome and not actually doing that bad. This is a sport I could get into. Porter apparently has a fleet (fleet?) of bows he has fashioned himself and a quiver of arrows I haven't ever actually noticed and am pretty excited about. This is a sport I could get into. 
I will shoot you.

This target was 15 feet away. I shot farther too!
Lookin' tough

And also:
Yummy desserts
Yummy dinners
Footprints, after the rain

On Sunday, we stayed with our good friend Dave, who recently relocated to Bend (a year now is still recently, right?). Porter and the boys went mountain biking on what sounded like pretty amazing, well-manicured, treacherous trails that don't appeal to me at all. Maria and I took a great walk in a lovely park and lounged on this huge tree trunk.
Looking for crazy murderer men who might be hiding in the woods

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