Three reasons I blog

I've been an awful blogger lately. I have this thing where I want to blog in chronological order so when I fall behind I get overwhelmed and over it. Also, I want to be clever, so blasting through them isn't really an option. So my options are: quit blogging, or blog differently.

I'll take option two.

So I've decided to blog in a way that works for me:

Three things at a time. No need for clever exposition. Plenty of room for expanding or contracting. Easy options for going out of order. Or rambling. I'm not looking for an audience, which I have to remind myself from time to time (as an avid stranger-blog-reader).

1. I'm an awful journal-keeper and excellent forgetter. You know when people ask what you did over the weekend Monday morning at work and everyone brushes through the weekend, highlighting a thing or two of note? I blank entirely and highlight the only things I can remember. At the end of the same day even, I can't count on remembering. I could be frightened (please don't let it be pre-Alzheimers. What a nightmare!) or I can blog.

2. I like the mental exercise of putting experiences to words. Sometimes I'll be in the middle of something and I'll think out the words I want to use to describe the experience. It makes it richer somehow to attach words and descriptions to something mundane. It makes something exciting feel exciting longer. I catch myself talking like an idiot sometimes (far too many 'likes' and 'yeahs' and 'or whatevers') and I think it's because my brain is out of practice. There's no reason to talk like a pro at work then mumble like a high schooler about everything else. So I blog. Makes me sound smarta.

3. I like talking about myself. Don't we all?

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