3 best moments in Alias

Damn you, Netflix. I started watching Alias when I was at the gym because Michael Vartan is a babe, I'd heard good things about the show, and I needed a show I could follow loosely through water breaks. In that order. I've finished all 5 seasons now and possibly wasted m:y summer. It's addicting, even though there is way too much techno, one season of truly awful bangs, and far too many turtlenecks and overcoats for the series to be realistically based in Los Angeles.

Favorite moments:

1. When Bradley Cooper finds out Jennifer Garner a spy (Season 1, Episode 21).Will had been digging around about Sydney's fiancee's murder, was abducted, and Sydney needed to rescue him. She's undercover as a French lounge singer (complete with bustier and hot pink wig) and she pretty much blows his mind. It's ridiculous and over the top, and Bradley Cooper reacts in just the way you would if you found out your bookworm friend (and her dad) just saved your life with karate kicks and guns. 
Check out the video 0:50-3:10

2. When Sloane sneaks back in to lead all the main characters in a Black Ops CIA team and is just giddy about it (Season 4, episode 1). He was a bad guy for the first three seasons, had a minute where you felt for him because of his dying wife, and you know he's going to end up a bad guy again. Sydney knows it and throws a fit. Sloane's reaction? "This is exiting!"

3.When Sydney comes back and is horrible because Vaughn is married and she has no memories of the previous 2 years, she's barely holding it together and then she sees her Dad, with whom she has a seriously complicated relationship, and she just needs him (Season 3, Episode 1). Their relationship in the show is so tumultuous. Sydney is so emotional about who her dad is and what his intentions are and Jack is so serious and mysterious about everything. Killed people? Sure. Blackmail? Tons. Friends with the bad guys? On purpose. Loves his daughter? No question. As some Alias geek writes, "He’s stiff and brittle and broken and pretty much over everybody else because everybody else is incompetent. He doesn’t really do relationships. But if you hurt his daughter, he will bury you. Look how much he doesn’t care."
Apparently Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber are real life besties (like he officiated her wedding and is a frequent house guest) which makes it all the more awesome.

Outside moments, Lena Olin is entrancing in every scene until the last season when she's just ridiculous and the guy who plays Marshall Flinkman a total win always. And of course, Mr. Vartan, dreamy as ever, has the "I want you but can't have you" face down (turns out most screen shots he looks angry or sad, which is I guess what wanting but can't having does to your face).


Anonymous said...

Nice. It was wild when the bad guys impersonated her roommate too!


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