Three MAC products I will continue to buy

A lot of people swear by MAC. I think it's because it's the brand in the department store that feels the coolest, most fashion savvy. What do I know. I think I like Bobby Brown best because someone told me once she makes great neutral-brown eye shadow palettes. They're all the same. But, I have found a few products worth going back for

1. Select Cover-up in the tube. Seriously, it lasts forever. FOREVER. I am not going to admit how long I've had my cover-up because the magazines would be mortified and anyone who reads magazines would warn me about eye hygiene. But that's what great about the squeeze-tube too. No mucky brushes double-dipping. I'm almost out now (I thought I was out like 4 months ago, but I cut open the tube and squeezed it into a pot. By the looks of it I've still got a few months left.), but I will be replacing it with the same tube next round.

2. I bought a pot of eyeliner last month and it has, I'm not kidding you, revolutionized my face. Maybe all potted eyeliners are like this and I've just been screwing around with a dull pencil or dumping money into gel-style rollers (they run out in like 3 days, I swear).

3. Returns. Not a product, no. But if you return any three used MAC containers, they give you a free lipstick. That's good.

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