3 ways to love the Beatles (and my father-in-law)

When Trish came down to Brazil in December she planted the seed that Jeff was turning 64 this year and she was thinking of throwing him a Beatles-themed 'When I'm 64' surprise birthday party.

Say no more. 

Brainstorms were had, Pinterest was pinterested, and I kind of became obsessed.

Fast forward 4 months and I was John and Porter was George and we were bouncing up and down to a lip-sync. (only got a partial video). Jeff was totally surprised (and maybe a little concerned that his wife is such a good sneak) and seemed to enjoy the party. I did, especially:

1. Making the Beatles' playlist and trivia was worth it even if the party were a bust (which it wasn't). They're deserving of their fame and I leveled up in both my appreciation of their talent and awareness of their weirdness.

2. Planning around a theme is just fun. Beatles' themed food (Yellow Submarine sandwiches... Octopuses Garden salad with Mean Mr. Mustard dressing, you get the idea). I'd like to throw more themed parties just for the sake of making the connection and dressing it up (and dressing up in costume if necessary).

3. There was a moment when, 20 minutes before guests were supposed to be arriving, us kids finally got together to 'rehearse' our back-up dancer moves (Tiftin and I had already planned them out. The choreography was top-notch, I assure you), and we had this moment where we all felt like silly siblings. I'm used to the feeling with my siblings, but this was the first time with in-laws who also happen to be step-siblings married together as adults. We all get along great on any day, but there's something extra about being siblings, something about being on the same team on behalf of (or against, I guess, in some cases, but not this one) parents. Four ridiculous, silky, neon costumes; lots of twirling; and a common purpose of making a fun contribution for Jeff's birthday. Siblings!

Vera, Chuck, and Dave!
feeling silly

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Zoe said...

Great to re-live the best party I've ever put on (couldn't have done without LOT'S of children help)!