3 things I wish were cordless

I just spent freaking five minutes untangling my laptop cord and I'm about to murder something. And I realized just in this moment writing this why my laptop is more mangled than it ought to be: Cords make me crazy, I knew, but they also turn me into a cursing old lady who hates newfangled gizmos and electricity.

The three things that turn me into an electricity curmudgeon are:

1. Laptop Cords.

Not even cell phone chargers in all their tendency to disappear and stop functioning make me more annoyed than the bulkiness of my laptop cord. Why am I always trying to figure out which side the port is on? Why is there a giant box in the middle of the cord that detaches when I inevitably yank the cord? Why is it too long, too short, or too three pronged to be used in every place I want to use it?

Because it's obnoxious and I want a laptop that never dies.

2. The blowdryer

I already am handicapped at doing my hair, the blow dryer cord just gets in the way and makes me feel bad about myself and compels me blame the cord for being cumbersome and limiting movement. If only it were cordless, surely I would have the freedom of movement to make loose, beachy curls.

3. The blender

Not so much for usage but for storage. I've got a Vitamix, which packs a lot of power and a cord to match and unlike the vacuum, the blender people haven't provided an easy notch to guide the cord wrapping so mine usually ends up in a pile, with the outlet tail hanging out of the cabinet door.


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