I only have one more night at Chuda

Chuda is the name of the neighborhood where my house is and I'll be sad to leave it. To summarize, here are a list of things I'll miss:

Things I'll miss about Chuda
  1. Fatuma, our housekeeper. She speaks pretty decent English and actually understands sarcasm. She makes a mean chapati and has a beautiful daughter, Zawena. Plus, she makes my bed.
  2. Rashidi, our old guard. Okay, he doesn't work for us anymore, but he was the most adorable little guard ever. I think he was about 25 but he looked about 14 and spoke like a 9-year-old. No idea what he'd do if we were actually robbed. Probably cry.
  3. The 6 kids down the road. They love us. They chase after us and shout across the fields, not in an annoying way. Absolutely adorable.
  4. Rainy days. Sure there were a few leaks in the house, but now that it's the rainy season and the rains are piling up, its much more fun to jump in the puddles outside or listen to it POUND down at 2 am.
  5. Roomies. Brits, Irish, Swedes, Australians, and a couple Americans. We're quite the bunch.
  6. The shop around the corner and the guy that runs it. We buy lots of chocolate buscuits, he knows our usual order.

Okay so now things that I will NOT miss

  1. The leaky roof. Now that it's the rainy season, we're accumulating more and more puddles...indoors.
  2. The bathrooms. The one in the hall has a light straight out of a horror movie. When you turn it on it flickers for a good 25 seconds before any steady light.
  3. Tiny kitchen. Impossible to cook.
  4. Bananas on toast for breakfast...every day
  5. Smelly refridgerator
  6. My room is a freaking toaster. Even with the fan I want to die. It's so hot.
  7. Mosquito net the sinks down at the end, tickling my feet.
  8. My bed is not long enough for me, and at 5'2" it shouldn't be a problem
  9. The half hour walk down the railroad tracks when its hot out (always)
  10. Everyone but the little kids who tracks us down to talk to us ("Hey. Hey. Hey!!!" I turn to look, "Hi Mzungu") Get a life.
  11. Showers. They're cold, they're sporadic, they're uncomfortable. No getting around that.

Needless to say, it won't be too hard to move on.

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