Last day on the job...

Said goodbye to all the kids today. I'm ready to go.
  • Danced with the big girls (This girl Dina, who is actually the Reverend's daughter is back from boarding school and she told me she'd heard that I dance well. Uh oh. She was super cool though. She reminds me of Denise from the Cosby Show after she goes to college. She's got the rasta braids, cool clothes, good advice for the younguns. I want to be her friend.)
  • Played "President or Lion" (aka Heads or Tails) with the little boys
  • Painted watery colored chalk onto the big boys faces (I know, what?)
  • Washed some dishes (actually I was in charge of the rinsing bucket)
  • The little girls played with my hair (they love my non-african "soft" hair. They love brushing it, can't figure out why it won't stay in braids without rubber bands)
  • Planned with the reverend (the guy in charge) how I'm going to build him a website. Sure, I can learn html during Christmas break...

Got it all covered. Man I love it here.

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