Maybe they're young, maybe they're smart, maybe they collect things like ashtrays and art

Little orphan Annie had it rough. After working at the orphanage I'm somehow more and more grateful for my family. Me and another volunteer were planning some Christmas activities for the kids (she'll be here for the big day, poor girl) and it is totally depressing to think that they don't get any Christmas spirit. We've planned all sorts of crazy fun holiday things like a nativity, advent calendar, arts and crafts, holiday piƱata and such.

I'll be honest I didn't like the kids here much at first. They weren't as cute as my Tanga kids, lets face it, my Tanga kids were hard to top. But these kids are still pretty sweet. I've become good friends with most of the teenage girls here. I figure being 15 at my house with 3 brothers was hard enough, being 15 with 35 other orphans must just suck. Absolutely no privacy. So we dance and chat, talk about boys. Normal 15-year-old girl stuff.

The littlest kids are afraid of me. They haven't seen too many with skin as white as mine before so they cry when they see me. My favorite kids is JJ. He's probably 7, he's always "home sick" from school, trying to jumprope but failing miserably. He likes to climb on my lap and cuddle. Ooh I want to bring him home with me! there's a USB drive on this computer so i'm gonna see if i can put a few pictures up. if not, you'll just have to wait a couple weeks and see them in person!!

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