I've succumbed...

I'm horrible at keeping a journal. I have the greatest intentions to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences, but even greater rationalizations for why I don't. My reasons usually fall somewhere between lack of time and notebook lines being an odd width apart. Who wants to write when handwriting is all screwy because the notebook maker decided not to go with regular college rule? But in all honesty, my life is pretty sweet and deserves to be documented. Kelsie and others have raved about blogging and I remember now that great satisfaction of a new post. So I'm back. Back to the world of blogging. Although I have to say, I feel a bit out of place. All of the people whose blogs I read are couples and families. So here's a disclaimer: I have no husband, I have no babies, I have no upcoming plans to have either of these things. But have bits and pieces of adventures that maybe someone will read. enjoy!

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