Return home

My little Scottie is all grown up and on a mission. I flew home last weekend for his farewell and it was awesome. First of all, I love being at home. The weekend wasn't the most convenient (smack dab in the middle of finals week) but it was a welcome break from school, work and the general anxiety that lies in Utah valley. I love flying into Sea-Tac airport. If you're lucky, before the plane lands in Tacoma it sweeps past the airport and arcs above the mountains, the Puget Sound and the beautiful Seattle skyline and you get a green tinged preview of real Northwest beauty. I've flown into that airport, I couldn't even count how many times and I'm still amazed at just how beautiful it is there.

There's something about being at home that just sucks your energy right out of you. Plush leather couches in the living room didn't help and I spent a lot of the weekend tiiirrreeed. My cute mom made orchestrated the food and let me be lazy.

I got to play with Brian and Heather's baby Lucy, who is cute as a button and always looks just a little bit worried.

Scottie's friend are like my little brothers for the amount of time they've spent at our house growing up. Though most of them are nonmembers, they all came to church and family dinner. It's very sweet how upset they are he's gone. Here, Danny, Greg and Patrick

Brian just made up this logic game, a big hit even in its infancy. My 3 brothers, looking cooler than everyone else in the room

My favorite part was the farewell because the family sang (of course) our family song "Love is Spoken Here". Brian came up with a new third verse that goes:
A marvelous work is about to come forth
In these latter-days
I have been called to declare the Lords work
And proclaim his ways.
I have been taught in the walls of my home
My testimony dear,
I will teach that Love is spoken here.

We added the verse into the mix and it was a hit, as always. I love when my family sings together.

I just love being home! The next time I go back will probably be for Gabe and Kelsey's wedding (which I finally got to hear some details about this weekend) in August. And I can't wait!

It was a perfect weekend,


BigAL said...

wahoo... how fun to have a new verse to love is spoken here... i will try it out with primary... but i can't seem to make the words/ tune fit... is it missing something... or am i?

Haley said...

so great to see pics of your family!!!