MTC revisited

Bringing Scott to the MTC was a total dejavu experience. The elderly ushers, directing traffic, hundreds of families snapping sappy pictures, that same clip from Called to Serve and the 'bandaid' goodbye. I didn't cry when I left (I jetted out of the room before that could start) but I definitely teared up before Scott made it out of the room. I'm so proud of him, all grown up.

Awkward? Or totally rad...

Now and Then. Who's hotter?

Looking like a stud, dork dot and all.

On Saturday I happened to be at the MTC volunteering for the Thai speaking missionaries. I took the long way walking in, with my eye out for E. Knudson hoping for a chance run-in. But no such luck. Just as I was about to leave, my mom called, complaining that after over a week and a half of Scott in the MTC, we'd still not received any word from him. Mom demanded that I use my MTC connections (i.e. friends who work there) to get some sort of contact.

I'm not trying to break rules here, I'm trying to enforce them. It's a rule to write home once a week and someone's got to make sure it is done. Unfortunately my contacts failed me, but I was able to sneakily secure Elder Knudson's classroom location and take matters into my own hands.
I only knew that Scott's class was in 8M on the 2nd floor so I surreptitiously circled the floor. I didn't see any teachers (thank goodness) just missionaries in their MDT (missionary directed time) studying in pairs. Just about the last classroom before I'd leave the building and give up, I saw him, standing behind his companion looking at a computer. I stopped and he looked at me. Double-take. "Rule breaker! What are you doing here?" (His companion: "girlfriend?" Scott, impatiently: "my sister")
"Mom's mad you haven't written any letters home," I rambled, not wanting Scott to get into real trouble. I couldn't help but smile at the little man in front of me.
"Psh! I wrote like 6 already, it just takes like a week for them to get home."

Oh. So we're just impatient I guess. I asked how everything was going and he said so sincerely, "I'm doing really good." Then he showed me this diagram he made about the plan of salvation. He explained war in heaven, Christ being the center and the blessings of eternal life all on a little shield. Sheesh, he really is a missionary. A good one at that. I'm happy to report as well that he was wearing brown corduroy slacks ("Mr. Corduroy Buttons"), a classy tie and stylish square, navy shoes. Scott, of everyone, knows how to look good at what he does.


Allison said...

I can't believe how fast time flies! It's good to have you back in the states and to have random run-ins with ya around Provo. What are you up to for spring and summer?

John and Shelly Hyde said...

What a good boy. He looks so handsome. Glad to see yo have turned your blogger back on.