Las Vegas with las chicas

I'm going to be honest here, I don't much care for Las Vegas. Gambling, drinking, and naked girls just aren't my style. The bright lights, high-so shopping and desert beauty don't do it for me either. But last weekend I was in Vegas and it was a bona fide blast. What made the difference? My girls.

My girls!

Heather, Jessica, Brooke and I were roommates Freshman and Sophomore year of college. Since then, Jessica got married and has an 8 month old baby, Heather got married and lives in Hollywood, Brooke graduated and will start BYU Law in the fall, and I, well, I'm still hanging out working on my undergrad :) The last time we were all together was at Jessica's wedding in June 2005. This time, Jessica came into Vegas for her little sister's wedding, Heather drove over from So-Cal and Brooke and I somehow made it through St. George to Nevada.

We got locked out of our car at the St. George Wendy's. Fortunately, we were right next to a log cabin used car lot and the owner came to our rescue.

On the way back, Brooke and I stopped in Mesquite and had dinner with Sister Orasa. She's an eccentric Thai woman I worked with in Thailand. I've never met someone so dedicated to giving the missionaries referrals and food. She's married to a white guy and they both work as poker dealers in M-town. It was serious de ja vu. She had the Elders over, an investigator lesson about to start, ridiculous amounts of food and baggies of leftovers for the ride home. How would it be to be a missionary in Mesquite? Apparently, it would be exactly the same as Thailand!


Tom & Heather said...

Kami! Your blog is fantastically cute. I'm glad the weekend was worth the trek into the desert - was for me, too! Your lunch looks awesome, too. How cool that it worked out! We'll have to make sure to keep the reunions coming, big time. What did we say next? Antarctica?

Allison said...

I love this picture of Brooke watching the guy get the keys out. There's always an adventure with you two involved. Love the blog!