The Grandest of Junctions

At National Monument
Kendall and I used to live 457 steps apart. Best friends and confidantes. But since the days of Jr. High we've rarely been in the same place. She moved to Seattle in high school and after that, we bounced around the world (Kendall to Guatemala, NYU, and Israel, me to BYU, Tanzania and Thailand). In the last 4+ years we have probably spent a cumulative 3 days in the same place. Now, Kendall lives in Colorado Springs. The 9 hour drive was too far for either of us to drive, but we compromised on a half way point: Grand Junction, CO. I drove over with my roommate Angie (who dropped me off and kept driving to her house in Boulder) and Kendall took the back roads from the Springs. We stayed at the home of the parents of the roommate of this guy I went on two dates with (not awkward at all!).

A big, metal, Wells Fargo buffalo on Main Street. Main Street was full of quaint, old Issaquah-esque boutiques. We ate Nepali food (Namaste!!), I bought a t-shirt, we were 'this close' to going to the community production of the Wizard of Oz (it was sold out... and 60 bucks). The Grand Junctionese are proud of being a part of the olde west. I'm already planning on moving in. Give me 10 years.

Red Rock= so pretty! You maybe can't tell from the picture. But if you have any doubt, just look at how supermodel diva I look and I think you'll get the picture.

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