Rewind and summarize

The last real post I made was in May 2006. As promised, I went on a mission to Thailand (Thailand, not Taiwan). I spent 3 months in training and got to Thailand in late August.

Some news highlights during my 15 months there:
  • Government take over (Coup d'etat of 2006). Don't worry that the corrupt military ousted the corrupt Prime Minister less than three weeks after I got into country. Tanks hit the streets downtown and missionaries were forbidden from going outside (on a P-day no less!! We ordered KFC and played cards all day) more photos

  • New Years Bomb threats. I don't remember if anyone died or not, but all the countdowns were canceled. But since even my New Year's bedtime was 10:30, my celebration wasn't too ruined.

  • Celebration of King Nayluang's 60th anniversary of his ascension to the throne (2006) and his 80th birthday (2007). To celebrate everyone wore yellow on mondays (the national color) and there were full size lit homages to him everywhere. Everyone loves the King, myself included. He is the consummate renaissance man (he paints, he composes, he plays the sax!) and has shown how a moral leader can bring a country from the 3rd world into the second. He loves his people and has worked in humble circumstances among them. He is faithful to his wife. His life has been dedicated to improving Thailand, its economy, its stability, and its unity. And, back in his day, he was a hottie!

  • Why Thais love their King (worth a watch!)

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