There's a sunrise out there calling my name

I'm cranky and hungry and sick of being allergic to every food that sounds even remotely appetizing. I'm looking at a good week of being tempest tossed on life's billows (?) so I figure I might as well nip all the hating life I'll be doing in the bud and get some perspective. I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for a sunrise so now, to start off midterms with a nostalgic smile, here's a little list of my Top 5 most favorite sunrises to date.

1. The Sunrise Drug That Got Me Addicted. Any day I went to school the long way, Demery Hill, Sammamish, Washington. At the top of my hill is the 'peak' of the Sammamish Plateau. If you hit it at the right time of day (early) and pause at the right spot, you catch a perfect view of the Cascade Mountains without any powerlines or streetlights blocking the view. (picture to come)

2. Proof of Plans Realized. September 2005, en route from London to Dar es Salaam. The little nubs of shadows are Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru and they signaled to me that all my painstaking roller-coaster of a preparations in going to Africa had come to fruit. The dark continent was welcoming me with a sunrise.
(In fact, if I didn't feel it would be hogging my Best of list, I'd put the sunrise over Lake Manyara (aka Pride Rock) and my last night, an all-nighter at a fancy schmancy beach resort in Kenya.

3. The Morning After. June 2005, Macchu Picchu, Peru. I was adamant that we make it for the sunrise. So even though we lost our train tickets up the valley and even though (or perhaps because) our pleasant day hike the day prior to this shot turned out to be a trial of patience and CPR-skills, the crisp glow over Putucusi was incredibly meaningful. Here, with some of the 8 who bonded on the mountain behind us, new friends from 6 countries.

4. More Perks at the Mansion. Summer 2008 through 2009, Provo, Utah. As if the jetted tub, King-sized bed and bedroom-sized closet weren't enough, the view from my suite at the 493 house was proof of my living in luxury was above my station. I should have been on a moldy bed on cinder blocks sharing hot water and bathroom space with 6 girls and a view of faded, mustard-yellow brick. Instead, I got East mountains, Utah Lake and the BYU skyline in perfect position from my pillow. (Here's my handsome dad looking stoically off into the sunrise)

5. Culmination of a Lot of Hard Work. December 2007. Ankor Wat, Siem Riep, Cambodia. It's not that a sunrise has to be in some exotic locale to be breathtaking. As noted from favorites 1 and 4, I can find beauty in my own neighborhood. That being said, even a poor sunrise can be made beautiful with ancient ruins in the mix. My last week as a missionary, I jumped the border and was literally in indescribable awe of this sunrise until well past lunch. And apparently today.

I feel better (deep, yoga-style inhale-exhale). I might live through the week. When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed, count a sunrise or two and it'll calm you right down.


DT said...

So what aren't you allergic to?

kambam said...

Umm... Meat, most vegetables, fruits except for citrus, grains except for corn and oatmeal, water. Plenty of options... !