Rise and Shout the Cougarettes are out!

It's ESPN's College Game day here on BYU campus and it's apparently a pretty big deal. I just clicked on the link to the ESPN site and there's LIVE STREAMING coverage already (timestamp 6:58am). Okay, maybe not Live Streaming now that I'm thinking about it. It's daylight behind him, and if my geography training doesn't fool me, the light says its late afternoon. I wonder if all those people cheering (or standing 20 feet away awkwardly staring into the camera) behind him were staged? Regardless, the pre-filmed live streaming scam clip shows an official looking man with an awful bleach job standing in front of Y mountain in that parking lot west of the stadium reminding us all that something called the BCS bid is on the line here. I'll be honest, I can't tell who's got a better chance at it, but there are names being dropped. Names that I've heard of. It's a big deal.

Though not opposed to school pride or sports enthusiasm, I'm not really the bleeding blue football fan type to be in the loop about such an event, there's been quite the whisper all over Provo in preparation for the big day. University Communications even sent out an informational email requesting all (all) students to "familiarize" ourselves with basic ESPN College Game Day protocol. Here's an excerpt from the email, deemed important enough that every member of the student body got it.
Arrive Early: ESPN GameDay attracts thousands of spectators to the live audience. If you want a spot in the crowd, you need to plan on being there several hours in advance. In fact, large groups of fans from other schools are planning on arriving by 5 a.m. or earlier.
Thanks BYU. Blackboard's got an outage, beware of H1N1, and arrive early to get my screen time. Good to know.

So now down to the real reason I'm posting at a dark, unnecessarily early hour. My cougs! No, not those Cougs, MY Cougs- Heidi and Jessica, my Cougarettes. Brooke and I moved into this apartment mostly blind and were pleased to share walls and refrigerator space with these two lovely ladies. They had to be up and at 'em at the crack of Game Day (though apparently not as early as those dirty Utes who are coming to steal space in front of ESPN cameras) and I offered to chauffeur them. These two are a good complement to Brooke and I (and fill an oddly similar social function as Heather and Jessica did way back in the Freshman-Sophomore year roommate day) and to put simply, are just delightful to be around. Cute, fun, nice, good girls. How am I so lucky?

The left two with Cosmo

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Tom and Heather said...

What cute girls! I'm glad you've got proper Heather and Jessica types - it's like the group is together again! Kami, I don't even know what you're up to these days...I had no idea you and Brooke were living together again. Fun stuff! I love you guys.