Diamond Dan and my exceptional driving

Side note: Driving back from the airport tonight there was a moment where I signaled to change lanes one lane to the left. At the same time, a van two lanes over signaled right to move to the same spot I was headed. Both vehicles waited for a moment, waiting for the other to make the more aggressive move. After that moment, both vehicles unblinkered and the van sped up and I slowed down and then proceeded to change lanes. I though to myself first, how great that cars have this built-in system of protection against collision; second, I'm glad we were both actually using it; and third, my handlebar mustachioed driver's ed instructor Dan (we called him Diamond Dan, named after the Driver's Ed School he ran [rhyme not on purpose]) and the chain-smoking drive-along supervisor, Margarita would be proud of me today.

**I have so much to do this week. Update on Thanksgiving and Brent's wedding are stewing**


Chris and Paige Evans said...

California could use more cautious drivers like you!

Jodi said...

c'mon kami. i lived with you for a year and i know you have more interesting stories than that. like...who did you make out with this weekend?

kambam said...

If only I had juicy news to post. Alas, no. Just trees and the freeway. I'm going to have to create some drama.

Haley said...

hey kami

could you email me your parents address

my email is bhsorensen2@gmail.com


Haley said...

just kidding there is no b in my email address