H - A - Double L - O - W - Double E - N

I usually have high expectations for Halloween and I'll be honest, they are rarely met. It's a holiday, like New Year's Eve, that I imagine is way more fun with just a little bit of alcohol. This year though, I figured out that my problem isn't a lack of liquor but a lack of proper holiday spirit. When you grab leftover clothes from the back of your closet you feel like you're dressed up as a Goodwill grab bag, regardless of how much that bathrobe looks like a ninja robe or how much puff paint you add to your eye mask. So, in the spirit of Halloween- and to keep me on the sobriety wagon- this year I decided to put some effort into my costume.

The inspiration for my 80's rocker outfit was the badass pouf ponytail I've been dreaming about for months (think Rihanna big on a runway, but longer and 20 years ago). Throw in massive amounts of eyeliner, bright red lipstick that made it through two showers before it finally faded and some rockin wear (Thank you Forever 21 for still selling black and gold stretch pants in 2009) and voila! I'm a rockstar.

Brooke channeled Joan Jett in a Stones tee, Mary had a black and gold tutu and Dallas was in a one-piece racer costume and denim vest. My math tells me that that much spandex in one car makes a rock band.
I even look mean!
There are 2 curlers, 2 bent up toilet paper rolls and a half a can of hairspray keeping that volume

Less mean, but still hard core.
Oddly enough, the music playing in my head while dressing up was was less Heart and Pat Benatar and more Scissor Sisters, Music is the Victim and a lot of rockin Beck.

Happy Halloween.

And PS. I can't adequately describe how happy I am that it's not snowing yet.


Jodi said...

You're hot

Jodi said...
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Tom and Heather said...

You guys look hot! Glad it was an awesome Halloween.