pretty tree

There's a tree outside my window that is in all ways possible, perfect- just as tall as our house and wide enough at my second story level that I can't quite see how broad it stretches. I appreciated the tree when I moved in and it was green, mostly because it blocks the view of any potential pervs across the street from seeing into our bedroom. This means I can keep the blinds open and the room as light as I like it without worry of a peeping Tom. My appreciation of the tree has now sky-rocketed because it is not just a functional privacy-keeper, but because it is just beautiful. Fall changes have turned it deep red and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it really is comment-on-its-beauty-out-loud-to-no-one (and on a blog) breath-taking. All I've got is a camera-phone picture. It does it no justice, but it'll have to do now that winter has taken over.


Kristin said...

It's true... every day it takes my breath away.

Jodi said...

you're precious kami.

doug haycock said...

the best part about that tree is the lack of snow covering it.