Laos Pt. 2: Luang Prabang

Soundtrack: Israeli's singing Karaoke (surprisingly difficult to find on YouTube) One attempt Another but you'll have to use your imagination - Think Oops I Did It Again with a Hebrew accent and you'll be pretty close.

I just realized that my last few posts have been complaint heavy. Lest you think Lao was any level of disappointment, I must report that I loved it... Just so you know...

Luang Prabang was crowned a World Heritage Site in 1995. The Whole City. If that's not a sign it's a town worth visiting, I don't know what is. Luang Prabang (took me about 25 times to say it right) has Buddhist temples coming out its ears, two picturesque (if not filthy) rivers joining currents, nearby waterfalls and trekking, a night market with hundreds of stalls and more...
Oooh.... aaahhh
This shirtless hunk would NOT get out of his pose so that
we could pose!
We biked around this town too. Rocked to pieces in fact. It's wonderful to be active again (read: I sit. A lot. And walking slowly doesn't count as exercise). Highlight: turbo ride to the bus station with a quick stop on a bridge for sunset. Then a mad dash to the one hill in town -Mandalay stairs flashback. Sweaty and panting by the top but loving it. There was a decent view and a photoshoot by some Chinese stranger who accosted me as his silouette model.
Very uncomfortable. But aren't I a babe?
On the bus up from Vientienne, we met these adorable Israeli boys who filled the role of little brother throughout the rest of our time in Lao. Lots of teasing, laughing and singing ensued.
Our Israeli's being adorable, eating baguettes at the market
From LP (sounds cooler, right? Easier at least) we headed up north to the mountains- a town called Muang Ngoi (harder for some people to say, easier for me). We decided to change our plans from going to the Plain of Jars to this electricity-free town in about 5 minutes (hence the mad dash to the bus station).

Out of time. More later!

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Tom and Heather said...

Still loving the updates and all the photos!
Looks like your silhouette modeling career is taking flight - you gorgeous babe, you!