Tam Lao

Soundtrack: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (Rara ah ah ah Rama ra ma ma Gaga Ooh la la)

You know what sucks is visas. Thailand's are especially baffling because you basically get a free one... unless you're staying for more than 90 days (which wouldn't have been a problem for me until I decided to extend), at which point you have to up and cross the border, pay that country's visa fee and jump back Thai side.

Boo, Laos, all on my own this time and cranky for the most of it. I got a few knick knacks for the fam (sneak peek to the left. Yes, that's a blow torch) and dropped off the books I borrowed from the senior couple (good) and spent a good part of Lao in transit, and then either wandering or napping/pouting in my hot room (not so good).

Luckily, two of my favorite people live within an hour of the Thai-Lao border. These two ladies gave me a lot of hell when they were my companions but somehow through it all I ended up a better missionary. And we ended up great friends. They still pick on me quite a bit, come to think of it, but in that I know they really love me and just don't know how to show it kind of way. We listed to a lot of Lady Gaga the few days I was there (PS She is a FREAK). Ae and I watched Law and Order (I Hate crime shows but MAN are they addicting) while she recouped from her recent surgery (her cute niece thought my prickly leg hair was a rash). We spent time at the mall (MK, perfume shopping and the fish spa where Tik was working (slash playing on facebook all day). Love/hate (but mostly love) them
On the way back from Udon I got to go to church in Khon Kaen, my last area. There are some seriously fabulous members there. Dif is a girl who got baptized while I was there and is pretty much my soul mate (I mean, I get what it's all about because of her). Since I left she got a husband, a baby, her patriarchal blessing and three new front teeth (they were missing when I was there). :)Photos taken by my sweet new phone (even though it looks like I photoshopped my same face in both of these pictures and changed the lighting)

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nice new phone....when are you coming home?? i miss you