Laos Pt. 3: Mxang Ngoi

Soundtrack (the song you're supposed to listen when reading my posts) : Mayberry by Rascall Flatts

All I wanted was a hammock. Check! Every morning we would wake up to the COLD and almost comfortably smash into our bungalow hammock. To this view over the river of the fog lifting on the mountain.
A day trip to an even more remote village reminded me that language=bonus in actually getting to interact with Laotians. My Lao is coming along! This time we met a group of naughty women my age or younger with dirty but polite children being the cutest things on the planet.
We asked to go fishing. Can't, sorry, the scuba mask we use to see our nets underwater are all out being used on the river. Shucks. I missed out on a dunk and grab brand of fishing I had never even thought of til I saw these underwear boys getting business done.

No fishing, but hey, want to come pick vegetable with us? Sure? Oh and by veggies we mean herbs. And by herbs we mean tufts of weed looking plants hidden in dried up rice paddy fields almost indiscernible to the untrained eye.

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