25 and thinking

Soundtrack: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
There seems to be a widespread panic people reach approaching their 25th birthday- a quarter-life crisis. I can understand where 'they' are coming from. My biological clock is ticking and 25 is the first obvious age where people actually expect something out of you besides grades and entry-level work. Tomfoolery and shenanigans are for the 24 and under crowd, 25 and up is for making things happen!
Still, with all the 'pressure' from the universe, I'm pretty thrilled about being 25. Don't know why since I've got very few of my ducks in a row. But that's half the fun now, isn't it- tracking down ducks and trying to get 'em lined up and working right (so 30 doesn't end up a disaster?).

In honor of my 25th birthday (and because everyone wants to know), here are 25 things I've been thinking about lately, some pretty frequent mantra's of my station in life, some fairly recent realizations:

1. It's not worth being mad for more than 5 minutes
2. Go. It's worth the time/money/feeling ridiculous for the photo-op/bragging rights/passport stamp
3. If it's not posted as against the rules, it probably isn't
4. Talk to strangers, they're a reminder that there is good and friendly in the world
5. A life you're proud of takes effort
6. Regrets can and do happen every day; there's a chance to fix most regrets
7. Just because you fell through accomplishing a goal doesn't mean you shouldn't make it again
8. Forever is a long time. Remember it but be okay with today too
9. Holding hands is a good idea
10. Being happy is a decision, not a product of circumstance
11. Music has an amazing power to change your mood for better or keep you in a moody rut
12. Don't settle for anything, but be willing to find that your idea of 'best' is wrong
13. Cold water is the most delicious and amazing substance on earth
14. Nothing beats giggling, especially with your sister
15. Family is better than water
16. It is too easy to stalk/be stalked on the internet. It is too hard to stop/prevent it
17. You shouldn't expect to read poetry like you do novels, but it should stop your breath from time to time
18. Even a small heel impacts the way you walk and how good your legs look
19. Being nice is one of our main purposes/challenges/goals in this life
20. Being a grown-up is pretty great. But can seem crappy if you think about the details too much
21. Most people have it harder than me
22. Emotions are messy but usually worth dealing with; I am not crazy if I feel them; in fact, it is normal, and probably a good thing
23. I love babies
24. I know some pretty great people and I wish I could adequately express to them the high regard in which I hold them
25. I could do anything. I'm 25 and the world's my oyster :)


Christie said...

happy birthday kambam! i love you. welcome to the adult world :D...cant wait to see you.

Jodi Pitchforth said...

love this

Michelle Williams said...

Ain't it the truth, LOVE your list. I especially liked: being happy is a choice! So very true and that understanding will carry you far.You are a mature, insightful 25 Kami, be proud!

Tom and Heather said...

Kami, you're so wise in your quarter life-ness! I loved this, especially the line about poetry. It inspired me to read it a little bit more often.
I'm going to reply to your email soon, ok? I was so excited to get it!
I love you bunches, Kami! Happy birthday!

Erin said...

Happy birthday Kami!! I turn 25 next month and was just whining about it to Brandon.. he told me people think i'm 30-something because I have 4 kids so I should be well prepped... yeah, that didn't help! ;P