Getting all dolled up

Soundtrack: Supermodel by RuPaul

Oh is one of those soul mate women who I can't hardly imagine not meeting in my lifetime. I love her. So when she called me back and said we'd meet at Central World ("The largest lifestyle shopping destination in Bangkok"), I figured we'd do lunch and some pricey shopping. A little weird for a girl who lives pretty far outside the city and last I heard was selling rice at a cafeteria, but I've seen weirder, so whatever.

Before I knew what was coming

Oh doesn't sell rice anymore, she sells MLM products (you know,like Amway, Nuskin, Etc). She came to Central World for the Annual Expo and Makeover Day (2010!) and I was the lucky winner (by default of being a foreigner whose BFF held a makeup brush) of a makeover. Well, everyone passing by the expo was getting a makeover, but I was the lucky enough to have my picture taken 30+ times throughout the process of being caked up to look like a transvestite.

Giving my make up artist a real trusting/excited smile

I even was interviewed by my overzealous saleswoman makeoverater (direct quote to the cameraman: "When she came in she didn't really want much make-up [true] but now she's saying she wants more! She feels confident and and won't let me stop! [not true] She has pimples all over her face [no comment] and now she doesn't have to be ashamed anymore [thank you...]"). This lovely lady also explained to me that she makes 20,000 Baht a month, not because she's good at selling, she just knows how to explain the benefits of such a great system. It's not just products or a business, it's a lifestyle and would I like to jump on the wagon? No thanks, ma'am, but I will take some barley and rice capsules that will supposedly clear up my acne by breaking up the constipation you keep telling me I have.

Oh, why don't you just sell rice?
Before I put on my RuPaul leotard and wig


Christie said...

hahaha. wow. what a ...nice....day. you look lovely- though i think you lovely with less cake...

Melanie Beth said...

ha, i love it kami!

Morgan said...

Haha, this was hysterical Kami. I miss you! Hope you are doing well love.

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh. i just hope that when you come home you have as many funny experiences. People here in WA don't seem to been as candid

Anonymous said...

oh shoot, i forgot to add KD on the last post... KD