In transit

Soundtrack: Some Thai party music then The Weary Kind by Jeff Bridges (really!)

I stayed just long enough for Thai New Year- A Holi (with water instead of colors) style bonanza with some religious/cultural base and a lot of chaos in dealing with the oppressive heat. Basically, it's like the whole country is celebrating my birthday by staging a never-ending water fight. I was dry for about 15 seconds before getting water shot in the back (back stabbers) and soon after gang splashed and attacked to bits by New Year's menthol goo all over my face.
This old man is posing ---------This kid is not

Party in a Tuk Tuk ------------And recovering

With Nary at Oh's house. Two of my favorite people on my last day
Lowdown on the trip home (because it matters)

  • Crazy Heart as an in-flight movie. Jeff Bridges and Collin Farrell do country, Maggie Gyllenhall does endearing. I'd recommend it, esp. if you've got a little country in you
  • Chaise lounge at the Seoul airport, figuring out all my new technology toys
  • Determined to prevent/overcome/fight jet lag with all my might
  • 6 hours of sleep on the plane!
  • Cursing my Russian neighbor for the first two hours of the flight for having rotten breath
  • Realizing that the rotten breath I smelled was mine
  • Finding splotches of yellow all over my shirt. Can't remember eating anything yellow
  • The rubber gooey part of my headphone popped off after about 10 minutes. Gone. Lame.
  • 6 hours of sleep in 40+ hours :(
But who cares, I AM HOME!!

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Tom and Heather said...

Welcome home, Kami! I'm glad you made it safely!