The Flip Side of Youth Conference

Months before I actually entered the family ward, my fate was determined when I invited the Young Women's president to my bridal shower. There was an opening emerging in her organization and she and the other counselors started petitioning that I be put in. I got the calling the morning of our first day in the ward, a full month before our records had arrived. Porter, not having the lifetime of experience with half the ward, just got his calling last week. Now we have matching callings as Secretaries for both YM and YM. Adorable, right?

Totally separate from this honor was the call to chaperone you conference. This stake isn't wasting any time!

Being group leaders was mostly uneventful, except for a few near breakdowns (or actual breakdowns if tears qualify for such a title), mostly girls not feeling lonely and awkward (14 years old, what's new), and an absolute downpour at the best possible time- in the middle of our group's field games, twenty minutes before closing events (thankfully planned undercover). President Tanner didn't waste a moment of unplanned face time with the kids and somehow planted a singing flash mob in the middle of his address.

The dance was interesting enough for people-watching, made more interesting by a surprisingly meaningful and inspiring Bishop from some other ward. He talked about his experience with start-ups and the fun of starting out in a way that was deceptively sage. By that I mean we both walked away feeling empowered and excited to build good things in life and in business, but we didn't feel like we had must received a counseling session. Sneaky mentor, whose name I never caught and whose face I only remember with mosquitoes swarming about.

What a skill to be able to spread wisdom so subtly and without condescension. What a skill indeed.

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