Best decision I ever made was to have an afternoon wedding.  Who schedules a life-changing, ever memorable event after a surely sleepless night, followed by a surely long long day? Idiots, that's who.

Not me.

I scheduled our 2 pm sealing when I was a temple worker.  Just stopped by between duties and, you know, planned my future.  NBD.  We chose Brother Alexander to be the sealer, one because I knew is wife and two, because my mom tells this story about how the first time she really heard the Sacrament Prayer, it was B. Alexander giving it.  "I thought he was GOD!" my Mom recalls.  Since there is no Yelp or wedding boards dedicated to reviewing temple officiants, I consisered this a pretty good recommendation.

We had a leisurely morning (Porter went for a bike ride and for breakfast with his mom), got my makeup done, snuck a few bites of leftovers from our Wedding Eve festivities, and about noon, my husband-to-be and I meandered over to the temple. It's all pretty methodical and unromantic, the check-in process.  I sent a friend to fill up my gas tank and waited longer than seemed necessary.

The butterflies finally came, well into the ceremony, after the sealer had given us advice and reminded us of the vast impact this decision will have on generations.  I was finally kneeling, looking straight at Porter and with my mouth unmoved and my eyes unwrinkled, I was smiling.  A smile is much more than body language, and when I felt Porter smile back at me with a straight mouth and unwrinkled eyes, we had our frozen moment and the next thing I knew we were kissing man and wife with a louder than I'd like to have had it smack.

Let the lifetime begin!

More photos of the newlyweds and company:

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Steph said...

Loved seeing all these pictures! Looks like it was a perfect day! You are stunning!!!