Wifely Pride

Chelan Man was last weekend.   There's a number of races involved in the day, none of which I participated in.  I was there for the guaranteed dry sunshine and to watch this guy:
 finish in SECOND PLACE

out of, I don't know, some 300+ junkies.  On the drive over he tried to tell me he wasn't expecting to do so well.  Ha!  What crap!

1st out of the water (1900 meters is like over 50 lengths of swimming pool)

1st off the bike (58.1 miles. That's like Seattle to Olympia.  Up hill)

1st on the run (half marathon) until our buddy (and all legs) Ryan snuck up behind him with 4 miles to go.

I've seen the action on a small scale before, but I gotta say, it is REALLY fun to watch my man totally SMOKE everyone.  Like it's nothin!  I was totally giddy from the second I caught him passing all the older men in the first wave of swimmers til we were on our way home (and apparently still now).  I was like a groupie. 

Sure, he looks ridiculous in his space helmet: 

But I saw the ladies lookin:

But I get to hang on his very sweaty shoulder.

One month 'til Iron Man Canada!

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Tom and Heather said...

Awesome!!! Who IS this guy? That's great, Kami. Looks like you're all the motivation a guy needs to smoke all the competition.