50/50 is a great movie

If you've ever thought about cancer, or if you've ever had a best friend, or if you have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt like I do, you should watch 50/50. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets cancer, Seth Rogan is his BFF, and Anna Kendrick his therapist.

There's rampant profanity and overall boy/potty humor, but it's really quite good. Made Seth Rogan tolerable, and Anna Kendrick even more likeable. Made me laugh, cry, and cringe, multiple rounds over.

And it takes place in Seattle. 

This one hits close to home, the dynamic between Porter and me.

And this is the most intense part of the whole movie (don't watch if you want to not spoil the dramatic tension of watching it yourself

And this is more indicative of what the movie's really all about

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