Sao Francisco

Continuing our sibling tour, we FINALLY got in a weekend to San Francisco to visit the Krnudsons, and their little'uns. Brent and Mia have one of those houses that is just comfortable. Which is great because it was Conference weekend so we spent a good amount of time lounging around listening to good old guidance from God. Mia has that annoying ability to decorate and make everything look amazing. Seriously, so annoying. Their house is perfect.

Also perfect? Ice cream cake for Brent's birthday.

We also spent an awesome, perfect temperature day in Santa Cruz, walking around the pier and through the arcades and sugar crashing on churros. Well, that was just Sofia. 

Our flight home was also epic. We flew down stand-by and had kinks there as well. Mostly lots of airplane delays (like an hour and half fully boarded and sitting on the tarmac delays). But the way home was the reason people hate stand-by flights. I like to think I'm cool with the ambiguity of schedule, the possibility of not making a flight or almost making it. But I'm really a mess about it, especially when I gotta get back to work. In this case, I got literally the last seat and the woman who I believe it belonged to ran down the gateway right as I was entering the gate.  Still worth it for the price, but my nerves were a mess.

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