South America mapping

Big trip ahead of us. Big plans. Complicated plans. Plans that seem to be coming together.

Different iterations of our route:
Initial idea. Ticket booked into Sao Paulo
A friend in the north!
Simple. Ticket booked out of Santiago
Must see all the places!

Current itinerary

Every once in a while - just every once in a while - I think we've bit off more than we can chew.

83 days to see half a continent, in-depth, inexpensively, at a comfortable pace. NBD.

So far we have 6 flights planned (cheap ones! I got deals!) and 4 long bus rides over 5 countries, including 2 backpacking trips, 6+ towns known for their beaches, my friend from Jr. High, at least 3 colonial cities, one European enclave, Christmas with Joao Paulo and a fair amount of wilderness, urbanity, and everything in between.

All's I know is I've got 12 days of work left, 3 more purchases to make, a bed reserved for me to sleep in until December 8th.

Planning's not over yet!

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Erin said...

How fun is this?! SO glad we're on your list of places to stop at ;) What a fun trip you guys are going to have!!!