A little bit of everything

I feel tired tonight. I ate well (minus the cookies) and I didn't think I got too sunbaked but I'm reeling a bit in my brain and I'm ready to call a travel agent to plan the rest of our trip for us. Hopefully she'll be able to stick to our budget of spending as little as possible without living in filth. Every few days Porter or I will have a moment of budgetary panic. Where we remember that it not normal to leave jobs and income for 3 months and just spend spend spend.

Are we crazy? Are we staying too long? Is it better to scrimp on hotels and splurge on experiences or scrimp on food and splurge on experiences or live like normal tourists and experience nothing? There's no winning that round of questions because it goes round in circles and finally lands on 'balance' 'a little bit of everything' - and when I hear myself say that I think about all the articles I've read about my generation and our feeling entitled to things like leaving jobs and income and spending without question on the best food, the most comfortable hotels, and the most life changing experiences.

That's not us though, is it?

Surely it's not, we remind ourselves every time it comes up. We've saved a lot, we're not going into debt. We're ready to grow up, we're just taking advantage of open time that we'll not have again until we retire, and it's a whole lot different then, I'm observing my parents' generation and their transitions to free time and travel choices.

So if you can recommend a travel agent who will fill in the planning holes as we go and not send us anywhere lame, I'm all ears!

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Tom and Heather said...

No worries, Kami! You're a great planner and a very savvy traveler. You guys will be ok. I wish I could give more than a vague pep talk, but I mean every word! I'm glad you're doing this; it really is a fun way to take advantage of your new couple time.
I can't believe your robbed at gunpoint experience. I'm so glad you're ok. Wow. You have a good story to tell now.