Battle of the Beach [photo session]

Reviews coming soon. Please refer to this photo guide for future reference.

A little bit of paradise
Boat beaching off Paraty
A cove on an island near off the coast of Paraty
En route to Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande Harbor
Ilha Grande main beach
So many beaches to choose from on Ilha Grande!
On the hike to Lopez Mendez 
Can´t make it to Lopes Mendes. Beach en route will do!
Fortress for destruction

Girl in Ipanema
Copacabana´s not so crowded
Reading at Imbasaii
´´Natural Pools´´ at Praia do Forte
Slack lining fellas at Praia do Forte
Barra Jacuipe
Where the river meets the sea- Barra Jacuipe
Kissing lunch goodbye at Barra Jacuipe
Chillaxing Bahia style
My mother in law Trish is GREAT beach company
Crabs are NOT great beach company
What´s so great about the water hole? A natural water slide in Chapada Diamantina
Cave lake in Chapada Diamantina
Natural Pools at Chapada Diamantina
NO ONE on Boipeba
Burning hot acid sand on the way to deserted beaches
Out of control
Tons o mules and mini horses 

On the hotel side of Boipeba
En route to islands
En route to islands
Morro de Sao Paulo Harbor
Morro de Sao Paulo 1st or 2nd beach
Horse carriage races on Morro do Sao Paulo´s 3rd and 4th beaches
I hate winter!
Isn´t he the cutest?


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Kelsie Dahl said...

I love your Lion King reference. Miss you!

Maria said...

I am so jealous of the tan, the sun, the beach, and the tank tops. Miss you!