Come join me

I'm feeling homesick tonight, though that's not quite the right word. Nostalgic, maybe. Or something in between. Today we walked along maybe the most perfect beach I've ever seen, with a perfect sun to wind ratio, impossibly soft sand, and no crowd to speak of. Walk, stop, stare out into the ocean.

It's heaven, really.

And I just want so much for everyone to get to see it with me. To experience the stillness. I was reading through friends' blogs this morning (I wish more of my friends blogged, even about the mundane stuff, especially about the mundane stuff. It's the mundane stuff that makes a friend so great.) And I want to be able to snap and zap Heather would be here and we could show her cute daughter the waves. Snap and Jodi could relax in the sun and tell me about how pregnancy matches with her expectations. Old college roommates who I really only keep up with via blogs. Isn't the beach the best place to catch up?

I want all my friends to get a piece of this. Christie to catch her breath at sunset; Raelle to joke with about hot gross Brazilian men; this would be an awesome setting for Writer's Group with Brooke and Maria, for Lisa to decide how she feels about her boyfriend. I want my all-too-rare down time with Katie and Kendall.

Snap and I could giggle at Brazilian mini-bikinis with my sister that would induce labor; snap and my family is playing cards or just sitting with our feet buried in the sand.

This is a condensed list, too. Point is, I have such seriously amazing people in my life. And I want them to have this piece of paradise. I want to share it with them (you) so we can both have it and remember it together.

Good thing Porter is here to share it or I may have just exploded.

Won't you come join me?


Aaron and Megan said...

Sounds and looks like you are having an AMAZING time!! I was visiting home a few weeks back and got to visit with your mom, and of course we talked about your awesome travel experience! Looks like you are having fun!!

Tom and Heather said...

Kami, come get me! Shelby and I would LOVE to get in some wave time at that beautiful beach.
I'm glad you saw the Christ statue. That's on my list (which keeps getting longer as I find more cool places to travel yet actually travel less and less...). I still think it's a rad Christmas greeting, even with all of your Brazilian friends in the way.
Hot beach bod, by the way!