Christmas Cowgirls

My mom was pretty upset when it turned out I wasn't going home for Christmas. As much I'd love to have gone it just didn't make any sense. So it was, Christmas at the Dahls. Not only does my sister have a perfect country house and property, she has girls who understand Santa- an important ingredient for holiday fun. Festivities at Jake's family's house were great. 12 kids under the ages of 8 makes for a healthy Christmas chaos and ridiculous nativity reenactment.

The best, of course, was Christmas morning- Kaylee and Riley grinning like fools as they saw Santa's spoils under the tree. You ask Kaylee now what their favorite present was: PINK BOOTS!! Both girls got a pink cowgirl getup: boots, Wranglers, pink belt, shirt and hat. It doesn't get much cuter than that. And Santa came for me too :)

**Pictures and video to come**

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