When I first told my dad I was going to Burma he got all serious (uncharacteristic of him) and said "Kami.... have you ever seen... Rambo 4?"
Uh, no dad. He then made me watch this.


Here's what Burma really looks like:

Too excited considering the early boarding

Just west of Thailand it's hot and humid, jungly in parts, fields in others. Word is: Green
Yangon is a sprawling city of 5.5 million, which you wouldn't guess from the few skyscrapers. The rest of the 45 million people live out in the country, some in cities like Mandalay, but mostly in villages

Led by: Than Shwe and his military buddies. Oppressing minorities and freedom of speech (and thought)

An innappropriate smile considering the atrocities this man has committed

They're saying: Mingalaba and Jesu timbare (hello and thank you), usually with a ridiculously wide (cheshire cat style, but not creepy) smile. They've got Thailand beat for smiles, easy.

They're wearing: Longyis (a sarong sewed together at the ends). Children and teachers wear green, women wear patterns, men wear checkered, with crisp white collared shirts if they're meaning business.

And Tanaka, all the ladies at least, and some little kids- ground up wet sandalwood that's "good for the skin" and protection from the sun

All Tanaka's up with our new fried Momu

They're eating: rice, noodles and fish. And betel nut. Compulsively. Almost all the men and many women. Gross.

Why I'm going: To see what's going on with development there. And because I can :)

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