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The song itself is not super my style and I'm not sure what this David guy is even doing in the song (not singing that's for sure - driving?), but on the night Lisa and I got to Chiang Mai, after we had dinked around the city a bit before Dr. Page and crew arrived (at the wonderful hour of 1:00am), we ended up glued to the TV. What an invention really. We were hypnotized by poorly dubbed movies, repetitive news crises (Holy Haiti, when did that happen?!) and crap music videos. I won't detail the effect of the video on Lisa and I, but watch the video and understand (the homeless guy is my favorite).

It's been rejuvenating to be back in Thailand. I wasn't too excited when I found out that our first Saturday with the crew I got suddenly designated tour guide (only because I don't have any idea where I am in Chiang Mai or what there is to do here) but it turned out just fine. We wandered around for a bit (an easy fall back) and I explained a bit about Buddhist culture and religion on the way to the church. Sister O'Neill (a sister I taught at the MTC) screamed when she saw me. I love her and she's kicking butt now, which helps me feel like I didn't fail the missionaries when I taught there. I had arranged to meet with Sister Nisarat, one of my favorite sisters who served with me, and she helped fill the afternoon with Actually cool activities like a trip up the mountain to view points and temples with dancers (all at the Thai price!).
Pre-health meeting
Since then, the days have been full of public health meetings during the day (Fascinating, especially considering the current US debate and that Thailand has universal health coverage. What a mess, either way, I say.) Today we went to a hospital where we commandeered the attention of one of the two doctors on staff while a score or more patients waited, uncomfortable in the waiting area. This same hospital offers traditional Thai massage and acupuncture as part of its healthcare options. I'm so excited that Seretta is learning acupuncture. I think it's awesome.
The nights have been painfully (in a John Mellencamp sort of way) filled with shopping. A walking market (for knick knacks), the famous Sunday night market (for souvenirs), the University market (for clothes) and likely more to come. The three girls who came for the research project have been buying up a storm and thrashing our budget to bits. My souvenir bag is growing and I'm still happy with all my purchases. Morgan, Maria, and Becca were uncomfortably shy when I first met them last Fall but are getting progressively fun and giggly as the days go by. I think we might play One Love tonight and get a party started :)
We're so cute, right?

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