Riled Up in Dhamma Park Zen

Soundtrack: Chinese Bamboo Flute with Nature Sounds (just listen... and breathe.)

Today I was a grown up.

Really, I was. I had emailed this woman, Venetia several months ago about working with her nonprofit- being her consultant. That's what I want to do some day- consult nonprofits on how to be better, I figure why not practice now, right? There are so many people in the world who want to do good, who have such great passion and innovative ideas to fix the world's problems. Problem is, they don't know how. In fact, many nonprofit leaders are so wrapped up their crusade to make a change that they pummel through those who should be benefiting or waste money given by those moved to donate because of their leader's zeal.

I want to empower people with the passion for change to know how nonprofits should work. How they Could be great if only leaders are on top of things. They aren't only interested in the bottom line like most companies, and rarely should they be just random handouts. Nonprofits straddle a funny line between business and charity and quite frankly most people suck and the balance. That's where I come in.

So I went to the Dhamma Park today (cue up soundtrack) and sat in an open air patio surrounded by sculpture and art dedicated to simple principles: peace, tranquility, and the innate ability of every person to be creative. It was stunning to sit and just feel good.

Venetia is this 78 year old British woman who came to Thailand almost 30 years ago and fell in love with these principles. She married a Thai artist (quite talented, the both of them) and little by little established this park just an hour south of Chiang Mai where people can come and learn how to relax, understand themselves and encourage their artistic selves. Sounds hippie fantastic, I know. I was so enthralled with her as she spoke of how people today are so disconnected, materialistic and really have no idea what their own lives are all about. Problem is, their organization is falling to pieces. No money, no new projects, deteriorating lots of things.

So we had a little throw down and I got all riled up about what we can do to get us back on track (us?) and by the time I got back to Chiang Mai I was all wound up and needed a nice facial/foot massage to relax (cue music again). Pure ZEN.


Raelle said...

Well??? Did you talk to her about working for her? Did you get the job? You just left us hanging. I need to know these things.

Tom and Heather said...

Kami, I miss you too!
I'm amazed at how much you're accomplishing out east. You've got skills.
What are your thoughts on working for this place? I'd love to see you get your dream job, so if this place fits the bill...