Uncle Rob

It doesn't get much better than my Uncle Rob. He's handsome, charming, thoughtful, and a total hoot to be with. I grew up with Rob living at my house just a room or two over. I'll admit there were times in my teenage years when my handicapped uncle wasn't my favorite person. His seizure's scared me to bits and his nicknames drove me crazy. But as I have grown, it becomes more and more clear that people like Rob are what make this world beautiful. And really, Strawberry Jam Cakes is a great nickname. Rob's been living at my aunt's house down in NV for the last couple years so I don't see him much, but he's up this week for a visit. His birthday was a couple weeks ago so my family, as always, had an unspoken competition for who could get the best reaction out of Rob for birthday presents. I lose every year. Brent wins every year, this year with a Value Village big stuffed dog and Hawaiian shirt. Scottie's pop can to bottle converter was a close second. And my mom's bowling clock. I think I won once when I was in high school- a sweet lite-brite style desk lamp. The last birthday party we had for Rob was a Mexican Pirate Luau. Pretty tough to beat. But this week has been great. Today Rob and I had a date to the Sammamish Farmer's Market. Pulled pork sandwiches, toasted coconut ice cream and a walk through a lovely park in perfect weather, all with my favorite guy. He hates taking pictures; avoids them at all cost, but I got him to pose at least for a profile. How can you not love him!

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