This photo was taken time-adjusted (i.e. I was sleeping several minutes before I took it, not while I took it. Great effect though, right?

Summertime is here. Not blue sky, fake you out and it's still cold summertime. Summertime, hot enough I want to rip of my skinny jeans and scream for lemonade summertime. And it couldn't have come at a better time. It has been 8 years since I've had a winter in Seattle and while I still feel heaven blessed to have only really had like 5 days of even kind of snow since last November, it really is soggy here. For a so many months in a row. I've gotten more colds than I ever remember getting even though, quite frankly, my hygiene has improved since I was here last.

I'm just getting over a cold I either caught from my coworker, roommate, officemate or one of my donors (my favorite new food bank donor, btw, he's da bomb!). Or easily some other stranger who sneezed in my direction some time in the last week. But now I'm laying in my perfectly manicured back yard (thanks to Anya and her parents who power-washed away the wilderness of moss that covered the patio and my neighbor Ray, who mows for us every week, because, you know, that's what neighbors do. Neighbors apparently also fix your toilet, get you in locked doors, lend tools, and always wear overalls. A+ Ray for doing all of the above while maintaining a perfect Santa-like beard and twinkle in his eyes and not being creepy at all. A tough feat for anyone). Just woke up from the most glorious afternoon nap (this is the payoff for getting to work at 7 am). Loving my yard and my dried out nose.

Now, back to my book: The Legend of Colton Bryant. A dusty cowboy from Wyoming needs my attention.

I'm sweaty!

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