Sade please

This song by Sade [Shaa day is not phonetic but it is correct] has been my 'take a deep breath remember to slow down, everything is going to be just fine' song of the week (not that I have one every week. Just most weeks).

On repeat.

I woke up from a dream 3 times in the last couple weeks with the end chorus in my head and would forget the lyrics as I came out of my morning fog so I couldn't identify the song. Pandora came to the rescue by playing it on my Tracy Chapman station (yes I have a Tracy Chapman station, don't you?).

It's just so flowing and smooth. You can hear in her voice burnt orange sunset and glittering berries (0:05) that the video portrays. Fern Gully (1:15) and what looks like a Salvador Dali painting (2:12). And btw, Sade looks like a Nigerian Maya Rudolph.

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