Welcome to the family

Soundtrack: These Boots are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra (or a jammin cover by Ella Fitzgerald or smoking (slash a little creepy) by The Legendary Tiger Man)

To my new white cowboy boots with dazzling embroidery and Italian leather knee high boots with a perfect gold buckle:
Welcome to the family. You'll fit right in.

I'm not really a shopper, but I have three weaknesses: dresses, coats, and boots. (And maybe plain v-neck tees that go with just about everything, but I'm not really ready to admit that yet. Nor have I amassed a collection big enough to give me away.) Everything else in my closet wears until it's threadbare. I've been putting off buying new jeans and bras for months. Don't even get me started on tennis shoes. Not even jewelry does it for me (unless I steal it from my much more stylish than me mother of course).

For dresses I love to window shop (mostly online), impulse buying on a very rare occasion. For coats, I research long and well for a good, warm investment, few and far between. Boots, well boots just come to me.

Here's a candid family photo (left to right, back to front), including new additions:Three sturdy weather boots:

  • Warm and fuzzy Uggs [fake-o from China last Christmas]

  • Snug and happy Sperry rain boots [SUPER EXTRA clearance at Nordstrom. $25]

  • All-purpose grey boots that match everything and can be worn in or out of pants or with dresses, in the snow or rain or on a sunny day [impulse bought at Marshall's. $40.]
Four floppy (see above) boots:

  • Brown zip-up heels [my first pair of boots purchased from the only vintage shop in Provo, Coal Umbrella. $30.]

  • Sleek black to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion [Christmas, from the lady Knudsons]

  • Italian leather knee high boots with a perfect gold buckle [Georgetown' 'Trailer park' fair. $14.]

  • Short, ruffled, suede boots, dainty and tan [For Christmas, from my sister-in-law]
Two totally smokin' cowgirl boots:

  • Red [I asked my mom for hers years ago, then proceeded to unsuccessfully try to steal them from her until she finally bought me these babies for Christmas last year]

  • White [Georgetown' 'Trailer park' fair. $24.]
I love me some already broken-in, blister free shoes, and consider it nothing less than a miracle that every pair of boots that I have fallen in love with at first sight at a consignment store (or street fair, as it seems to be) just happen to be itty bitty just like my size 6 feet. Miraculous, I tell you, because most other venues seem to perpetuating size discrimination against us petites.

I can't seem to get on board with those bondage looking sandal boots that were crazy big last year and I hope they are going away. I have a secret wish for sassy thigh highs but will never in a million years buy them.

It's a happy family of footwear that makes each drizzly, snowy, or sunny day a joy. Oh, glorious boots, so functional and stylish, making a statement while keeping my feet toasty. The only sad thing about summer coming is fewer days to wear my boots.


Jodi Pitchforth said...

love it. i also secretly want a pair of thigh highs :)

Tom and Heather said...

Kami, I never would have taken you for a cowboy boot wearer, and here you are with TWO hot pairs! May you work them until they fall apart.
I keep waiting for this miraculous one pair of boots that will fill all of my needs. The search continues after a good five years. Your post reminded me that a girl needs several pairs to fill all the boot vacancies in her life! I'll search more with my new outlook on boots.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm definitely jealous of your boots collection!

Raelle said...
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Raelle said...

I am a cowboy boot enthusiast. I now have 10 pairs of cowboy boots. When you are ready to get rid of yours let me know.